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VMS offers a range of services to Embassies related to Visa applications beginning from accepting requests for Visa to delivery of the passport. Our administrative, logistic and technical support enables Diplomatic Missions to focus on the discretionary aspects while achieving a number of important benefits for applicants:

Enhance applicant satisfaction
VMS acts as an interface between the Embassy and Visa applicants. VMS ensures that its call centre, email, Visa centers and a dedicated website offer accurate and timely information to all applicants.

Maximum efficiency and minimum turn around times
VMS offers performs a careful and systematic scrutiny of applications and guides applicants throughout the process. An organized flow of duly completed applications allows to maximise reliability and efficiency while minimising turn around time.

Achieve cost savings and maximize reliability
VMS provides technological support services through its proprietary software, enabling Embassies to achieve further cost savings and avail themselves of state of the art systems.

Optimize allocation of human resources
The Diplomatic Mission can leverage VMS support and expertise thereby being able to redeploy qualified personnel on other core duties.